Sunday, October 19, 2008

How to Run a TRC Classroom

This title is misleading. You might think that I will give you a detailed plan to run a technology classroom flawlessly... I won't. I will give you some of the tools I have relied on heavily that helped me manage my classroom.

Port - a - Portals

A site that I have linked to my class web page. Anytime I have a link I want to use in class, I just send the students the our class port - a - portal, and there we are.

Google Pics

I love this Google feature, and so do my students. We put vocab words into the image and quickly find picture relating to our topic, person, vocabulary word. Google images is one way our learning has come life.

Fun Brain/ Math Brain

My students start at their own grade level or a grade level lower, and work their through the different games. This is a good game when you have some extra time during math where students are engaged and they are learning at the same time. Students love Math Brain.

I realize these are not the newest or latest resources on the web, but they help me in simple ways to manage my classroom. Hope these are helpful.

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